Keskiajan Turku

Keskiaikaiset markkinat

Medieval Market



Hundreds of years ago merchants from all over Finland and even outside the borders gathered on the banks of the Aura River. Regardless of their social class or wealth people came to trade at the most important market in the country and enjoyed a great variety of entertainment as well.  




 Itching, public bath


 an Estonian boy who was loved by Finnish women



The Kalmar Union's officer from Stockholm inspects a public house. 
History repeats itself?



Bishop preaches at people but seemingly they have their own idea.









Wedding tragedy - kidnapped bride

Anno Domini 1401 the highly revered archbishop of Turku honours the wedding ceremony of Lotti and Hans with his presence. The bride was a daughter of Mayor Van Den Berge and the groom a son of Merchant Gottschalk.



The authorities guarantee street-credibility.













Craftspeople and performers in the Middle Ages.


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